Thursday, February 18, 2010

i'm back. (and its not that exciting. yet.)

I'mback. I've been gone for like three months and much has happened. i'd like to keep everyone filled in and also (as those close to me know) my memory isn't the best. so this blog is half a letter home to my loved ones and half a scrambled chronological bunch of scratch notes so i can look back when I'm senile in a few years and say "huh. so i did that? why was i pompous enough to write about it? who did i think was keeping up with it?"

i figure that when I'm senile and i forget who i was i wont be very kind to my old self. if that makes any sense.

any ways.

to be honest i don't want to do this blog. I'm lazy.

which is why i should do it.

Ive decided that any time i want to pick up fallout 3, i will get back on this thing instead.

so there. that's why I'm back. a few reasons.

so i have a back log of things to tell you about and hundreds of pictures. unfortunately this blog site blows. its really difficult to put on pictures and manage how it turns out, so i will just move forward and look for a new place to post my blogs. a place that's easier to keep up with.

the only really big deal you missed was my going to the guitar wolf concert in tokyo and afterwards hanging out all night with him. again! sweet!

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