Saturday, May 22, 2010

I'm in Japan.
As you know.
And May 22nd marks a significant day in lowbrow art. One of the most iconic simplistic ... icons was introduced to the world via platform visual/motor interface game tek-mology.
May 22nd is the day that Japan first unleashed the insatiable yellow beast known as Pac-Man unto the world .
So Officially by my book, its his birthday. SO. Remember it darlings.
If you love me remember it.
I love that yellow bastard. His simplistic style drives me wild.
Its an art thing. You SHOULD understand. (but you probably don't care to)
ANY-WHO. This is where YOU come in.
I searched. There isn't any kind of "I remember where i was when i first discovered Pac-Man". SO do it here. Give me your response. Tell me where you were or what you were doing. It doesn't have to be the first time you loved the yellow pizza. It could be just a special memory involving our beloved icon of game-dom. Since I know only my few loved ones read this it should be a rather pass and go blog. BUT... do you best. You want your children to know you cared. Mom and Dad, don't worry. I know you cared. You bought us the Atari 7800.

and so you dont forget.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Everyyear there is a small cluster of holidays spread out over a 7 day period in Japan known as Golden Week. Even the days where there is no holiday are taken off and for one week the whole of Japan goes on vacation. Maiko has been having a stressful time in Tokyo struggling with her new job (this will be the subject of a blog post very soon) so we decided to take a few days and go down the east coast of Shizuoka known as Izu to check out the ocean. Below are the results. Enjoy.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sakura and Japanese High School Girls. 2010

In april sometime of 2010, i had the privilege of meeting up with my friend Pin (another english teacher here in fujinomiya, from america) and the english club from the high school he teaches at. we had a very nice ohanami where an impromptu (ghetto~, but fabulous) baseball game made from a water bottle and a beach ball broke out. enjoy.