Saturday, May 22, 2010

I'm in Japan.
As you know.
And May 22nd marks a significant day in lowbrow art. One of the most iconic simplistic ... icons was introduced to the world via platform visual/motor interface game tek-mology.
May 22nd is the day that Japan first unleashed the insatiable yellow beast known as Pac-Man unto the world .
So Officially by my book, its his birthday. SO. Remember it darlings.
If you love me remember it.
I love that yellow bastard. His simplistic style drives me wild.
Its an art thing. You SHOULD understand. (but you probably don't care to)
ANY-WHO. This is where YOU come in.
I searched. There isn't any kind of "I remember where i was when i first discovered Pac-Man". SO do it here. Give me your response. Tell me where you were or what you were doing. It doesn't have to be the first time you loved the yellow pizza. It could be just a special memory involving our beloved icon of game-dom. Since I know only my few loved ones read this it should be a rather pass and go blog. BUT... do you best. You want your children to know you cared. Mom and Dad, don't worry. I know you cared. You bought us the Atari 7800.

and so you dont forget.


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  2. Ok, here we go. I am in my forty, and I never played any other game but Pac-Man. There were Donky Congs or Mario in the same period or little later, but Pac-Man was, well almost, the only game I really liked and played when I was a young boy. The other game I used to like when I had a chance to play was Invader Game. Anyway, when I used to play and how I used to play Pac-Man ? I was, say, between 6 and 8. I used to go to after school study class with my soul mate. To cut long story short, my parents of course was paying the cost for this class. When they pay, we bring the fee to the class in an envelope that was provided by them. There you have to get stamps from them each time you pay them or them getting paid. So guess what I did ? I bought a stamp and stamped it myself pretending that has been paid. So another word, I nicked it...... I took a risk. Why did I take the risk ? Because I wanted a Pac-Man game. That came available for personal use. So i bought and was happily lived ever after ? Of course not. Anyway, I bought it and played it where ever I go. I brought it to this after-school-study-class etc. And one day teacher told us we go to a planetarium as a school trip ! I thought WOW ! Guess what I was thinking ? I was thinking how great would it be to play the game in planetarium while other pupils are looking up watching those fake stars ??? Then I thought "how?". Because they make sound. You know the famous Pac-Man sound, to start with, they go "tara rira rira, tara rira rira, tara rira rira, ti-ti-ti-ti". There were this adjustment for volume but you only have choice of low/loud. So what do you do ? As a small kid of that age, it was the adventurous action to take. Yes, I opened the box with a screw driver and found what was making this noise. Then I knew if i got it wrong, I would not only loose the sound but it may also be fxxked up. So it was a big deal I had think for a few days but finally I did it successfully, but at the same time, you lost the very sound that Pac-Man, only Pac-Man gives.

    "tara rira rira, tara rira rira, tara rira rira, ti-ti-ti-ti"

    Later that month,my mum called me asking "Did you pay the fee?"
    The rest is a history.

  3. The only comment, and its a great one. You are the winner of the super secret but super awesome Pac-Man gift from my own collection.

  4. I was very my friends house, and playing her Atari, as my mom would not buy me one. I sucked. Badly. But I still liked it, and still do, and now have an app of it on my iPhone.......and i miss you.