Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Video games are nice.

SO i read this article. And i liked it. i figured someone else who does games better and lives in them more should really post this, but then i thought, meh, i like games. and why not me?
Basically, some big brains figured that their computers weren't fast enough or capable or "abstract" enough to figure out the workings of the biology they were trying to uncover the mysteries of, so they made it into a game and let some simple humans putz around for points. Which proved to be a bigger source of information ... well anyways i'm going to link you to this site anyways, so i hope you read it. i'm just trying to get you interested, so here's a good bit that explains it.

"At any moment, thousands of computers are working away at calculating how physical forces would cause a protein to fold. But no computer in the world is big enough, and computers may not take the smartest approach. So the UW team tried to make it into a game that people could play and compete. Foldit turns protein-folding into a game and awards points based on the internal energy of the 3-D protein structure, dictated by the laws of physics."


"The class of problems in which humans were able to do better than computers required intuitive leaps or major shifts in strategy. Future work will aim to better combine the strengths of experts, computers and thousands of game players."

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