Friday, September 17, 2010

Japanese Green Acres.

a while back, at my favorite noodle place niko niko, i met a well-to-do businessman who also happened to be a guitar enthusiast. after a while of talking i convinced him to bring his guitar around and play sometime. it was late, so i think we both forgot until the owner reminded both of us at separate times. he never played, but when we ran into each other again it gave us something to talk about. i ran into him a few more times sporadically and unexpectedly, until the meeting became more planned and expected.
it, being a ridiculously small world (or small town), turns out that his daughter is one of the girls in the sakura video i made last spring. and this fellow also happens to be the head of the PTA, which actually means something in japan.
anyways, this new friend of mine's name is imamura. he is an amiable guy, who laughs easy and works hard. he owns his own glasses shop and is an all around good guy to know.
after many late night discussions imamura learned of my love of riding horses. he knew of this little ranch themed park north of town where he had heard one could ride a horse called makai no bokujo. so i said it was on. i even had a cowboy hat.
imamura's daughter, norie and her friend shiori (who was also in the ohanami video and is a friend on facebook) wanted to come so who was i to stand in their way. us two old geezer's could use the reminder of youthful enthusiasm.
so we went. and the following video is the result. both myself and imamura proved to be less than camera friendly, so it serves mostly as a keepsake for the high school girls. i hope they enjoy it, and i also hope you can find some vicarious release.

ps. wait until after the credits for a special guest appearance from yours truly.

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