Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cosplay Rave

Yeah yeah I know it's been a while. Who knows if anyone still reads this. Most of you who know me know that I am now in Cali. However, I still have a ton of unposted videos from my time in Japan. I need to catch up with a lot of those and start telling you about how amazing life is here in Los Angeles.
So the video I'm presenting to you is about a cosplay rave I went to in Shizuoka.
After a long work week, Pin and I had gotten fed up with the poor selection of entertainment in quiet little Fujinomiya, so we met up at a little bar in Fuji City called Neverland. There I met a group of Otaku who consisted of Good-sun (DJ, promoter, otaku genius) a quiet friend (sorry I cant quite recall his name) and the beautiful and talented DJ Chitama. She was everything I ever looked for in a woman (except for the not being interested in me romantically part), she loved anime, she was driven, and she sang Marylin Manson with me at karaoke (and did i mention she was beautiful?). I was desperate for any excuse to see her again so when she handed me a flyer to come see her next gig at a rave for geeks held at Etti. Etti is a nice little club on the 6th floor of the Don Quixote (i guess it would actually be closer to Don Kihote) building in Shizuoka. Pin refused to be any part of such geekery but reliable Gabriel is usually up for anything so he tagged along. The following is basically how it went.

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