Saturday, October 17, 2009

just a(onther) little something

i'm going to hamamatsu today, in 2 hours. i thought it was right around the corner when i agreed to go but its like 3 hours away. i could have gone to tokyo. bleh. about this adventure and others concerning my rock forays tune in tomorrow.
as for now i just wanted everyone to know about the water coming from my faucet.
fuji and surrounding areas (that's me!) are renowned for having ridiculously clean (using the word crystal here would be overdone, but entirely appropriate) water. in osaka it was known that using water from the faucet was only (ironically?) for cleaning and if boiled. back in pensacola i could certainly use the water from the tap when making whatever, but if i did so instead of using the clean charcoal filtered water from the big metal machine we called the refrigerator, then there was always a sort of naughty feeling associated with it. It was if i was getting away with something. Something dirty.
since coming to fujinomiya i find myself eating a lot of rice. maybe not a lot by an asian's standards, but since its pretty darn near everyday, its a lot by my standards.
i just wanted everyone to know how nice it feels to be able to use water from the tap in everyday usage (the rice and drinking). its great. seriously. water is magical.

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