Monday, October 5, 2009

So two (or three now? these days just blur together) i went to the tokyo game show. in tokyo (actually chiba, but thats like saying disney world isn't actually in orlando. meh). i saw a lot of video games being played by people who were willing to wait an hour and a hlaf for five minutes of game play. i also saw an alley of people dressed up as various video games, manga, and anime characters. i love the dedication of the japanese geek. here are some pictures.

this is me in front of the sign that says game wa genki desu. which i guess means that games are ... healthy? energetic? who knows, its japan.

these cosplayers dressed up as my favorite game franchise "metal gear" were awesome. and the props were out of control. can you see the ! behind the bad guy? nice.

this one is for daniel. its an all girl version of the turks from final fantasy 7. enjoy that.

giant floating chocobos.

geeks are pretty in japan.

i love the game okami. this was for the sequel thats out on ds.

new resident evil (known as biohazard in japan).

new metal gear game! yay.

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