Saturday, September 26, 2009

a quick thing.

got here to fujinomiya without much fanfare. i was shown my apartment and taken to the grocery store.that night i was already invited to attend a bbq a couple of parents of kids i would teach were having. it was fun. really fun. i got to eat a ton of food, meet the group of kids that would go on to become my favorite students and i got to get over some awkwardness of being a new teacher by making friends and putting them in my corner. (this will make more sense later, right now i'm just giving the readers digest version of everything because tomorrow i will go to tokyo game show and i want to give it its propers).the next day i had to get up early and meet my new coworkers. all of which are, without exaggeration, amazing to work with. in japan its a crapshoot. i really expected some uptight by the books, but everyone here is laid back and likes their work. that translates well to the students and parents and the whole environment is nice. except for when the students freak out on me and scream and don't want to learn english. but again, ill get into that anyways, i meet the coworkers and take a stomach churning ride through the mountains, never losing sight of mt fuji. we make our way to an amusement park called fuji q (company name) highlands. one of my coworkers, nozomi, used to work there so we got in free. yay.rode some roller coasters, ate some overpriced park food. went to an "italian" restaurant. had shrimp pizza. went home ready for the longest week of my life thus be continued...

kanchos, ge-ge-ge-no kitaro, sleeping gundams and all the peoples i work with now (except the white girl, she went home).

give mt. fuji a smile, eyes, and a japanese flag and you've got a marketable mascot. genius.

even fuji q has their own rangers. you can get your picture taken, but the only thing you can see are your eyes. so... unless you have like crazy googly eyes then .... whatever, its japan.

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  1. Dude so jealous of you that place looks awesome. Hopfully can get a job with the interview coming up! Ganbate Naske you can do it!

    This is Eric btw.