Tuesday, September 22, 2009

bleh bleh bleh bleh. (and dont think this is the only time ill use bleh in a title)

i know i know. jeezy kreezy(no relation to the holy begotten) i know i know. I'm the worst blogger since... well pretty much any blogger. but I'm doing this for friends and family, not for fame or whats its. so that's got to count for something. i would direct you to my friend daniels blog if you want a real blog full of witty and contemporary insights, but since i always planned on this being able to be read by a 5 year old and up. (content wise, not ... you know, like up to speed on the grammar and vocabulary they're teaching 5 year olds... or whatever) his blog is a bit adult oriented (however if you like to laugh and you don't mind the jaded ramblings of a reformed jew comedian (read: faith? only if its funny, sir) who wants to be an actor, then this is your site and you can look up daniel is funny dot com).
eh? where am i? too many parenthesis.
oh yeah. Ive been neglecting telling you all how painful my life has been since i decided to go all cube on you. (oh you don't know cube? it means no matter what side you look at it, its still a square... popcorn baby)
so i had a crazy teach training me who was loved by her kids. she'll probably read this and go "wha? crazy?" and to that i mean crazy in a good way. she was passionate about what she did. but it also made me a little crazy. and i don't mean passionate. but she did teach me a lot. a lot.
and her kids liked her a lot. a lot.
so that means i got the screaming "who's this crazy scary thing guy all up in my grill? i want the old teacher and i hate change.
we all hate change. we all hate it as much as the kid who looks at me like i just walked out of a horror movie, but only children are allowed to freely articulate it without it being considered poor taste.
yeah, so no pretty pictures today, but tomorrow there will be a filling in on the lost week, including apartment pictures, and amusement park pictures, and blah blah blahdy blahs with a nazi helmet (true story). so this is basically filler because im tired but i know i need to keep up with this thing. i promise. tomorrow i will give you all the 4 11. thats spanish for el informatione, stay tuned.

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