Monday, September 7, 2009

not much to see here.

just walking around town looking at stuff. bought raw fish from the grocery store. it was delicious. they were also selling peaches for 5 dollars a piece. didn't buy one. i bought peach flavored jelly shot things instead. yum.
didn't sing karaoke last night because it was 1700 yen (17 dollars about) a person, and with 8 people not so much worth it.
tomorrow i will don my suit and tie and with a plastic smile i will start my new career. or at least train for it. i'm "ironing" my suit and shirt by hanging them up in the bathroom and letting the steam build up.
like i said. not much to see here. life isn't exciting yet.
i do have a fancy captains chair toilet in my room though. bidets. how can you ever feel clean again without them?
that's it. that's all i got. here's a smiling chimp to make up for it.

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