Sunday, September 13, 2009

in the nomiya

i am sooo tired. i feel like i might want to start many a post that way. today was so full of stuff that i need a good bit of info and links to give it its propers, however i just don't think i mentally have it in me. im also going to an amusement park tomorrow called fuji q.
basic break down of today.

woke up early.
took my way too heavy stuff from the hotel, past the train station to the annex which housed the dorms where all the other trainees were housed.
met the managers.
walked back to the train station (with said heavy stuff).
was given an hour to walk around in case i forgot to buy snacks for myself.
took the shinkansen to shizuoka. met manager. forgot ticket on train.
missed next train and gave horrible first impression to new boss while trying to sort out my losing a piece of paper worth 95 dollars.
once sorted tried to have awkward conversation about how little there was to do in my new town.
got to fujinomiya.
saw mt. fuji.
closed mouth.
went to new apartment.
"sugoi~~!!!" (japanese word for the week. sugoi! its a slangish word meaning basically "cool" or "awesome" or 'amazing". my apartment is huge, especially for japanese standards)
went to jusco. (apparently i have a choice of jusco and jusco. think bigger japanese target)
they bought me bedding (let them pick it out. didn't want to scare them by choosing all black greys or reds. therefore my apartment has a very colorful-mostly blue- motif. which will change gradually as i begin to receive paychecks) and food. i felt bad, because i wasn't sure how much they expected me to buy and in the end, although i chose cheap essentials, i felt like i chose too much and they were upset at my poor management of company funds.
went to bbq with parents of my new students and outgoing net teacher (native english teacher, its what i am now). ate and chatted, played monster, the kids killed me a lot, then played with hanabi. fun!
finished by playing soccer having a heart attack and dying cursing mcdonalds and my lack of will power.
walked home, chatted with outgoing net about other students. and now i'm typing.
that is all.
move along.

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  1. sounds like all is going well...except for maybe losing you ticket (but that's typical Nathaniel..and stuff happens). You will do great with those kids..don't sell yourself short. Kids love you..cuz you'll play monster with them and you care. remember keep your eyes on Jesus and all else will fall in place. Love ya man. mom