Thursday, September 10, 2009

bleh. so tired.

so haven't updated worth much, but thats because i had no idea what i was signing up for. i've neever worked so hard in my life.

im basically, with in office training, and prep work for the next day, working 14 hour days. thats not counting the readings i also have to do which i usually take care of over coffee and rice breakfasts.

<---This is some of the stuff i look at on a daily basis.

i did get to sneak out for an hour today (even though i really shouldnt have) to an arcade called Joypolis (it is the same company as teh tokyo amusment park, however just with video games). it makes me smile that japan still has actual arcade game centers. i wasted too much on random games, but i did get this gem from a gatchapon machine. yes its hello kitty dressed like ultraman.

i love ultraman.

so back to work. i have to get back making model lessons that the trainers will tear apart, so that i can learn how to make an actual one for all the different age groups i teach throughout the week. joy. fun. explosions in my head.

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