Saturday, September 5, 2009

ok. lets get this straight.

ok. lets start over.
i recently accepted after an arduous process, the job of teaching english to students outside of a school with a company. This company (since nova went belly up) is the largest eikaiwa in japan. it is not jet. so don't ask.
but basically i have to cut my hair, hide my piercings and tattoo, and wear a suit everyday while teaching kids all the way from prenatal to high school.
its all in the brochure.
before i go off to my prospective school i have to train for a week here at the headquarters in okayama (and i actually saw a person dressed up as its mascot that you see in this link, however i need a card for the camera my sister in law, nicole, was kind enough to let me borrow). its a nice town off the beaten path.

its me and 8 other people in this group all going their separate ways after training. so when we get here all of us are supposed to stay in a dorm situation with a common room. i however lucked out, due to overbooking (other employees of amity also stay there for various reasons) i get my own comfy fancy-schmancy hotel room. sweet.
i have today and tomorrow to get acclimated to living in japan (no big feat for me, but there are some kids who've never been here) so i went shopping at the 100 yen shop today. then i went across to some shopping center. look what i bought!
this is some ukiyo-e towel thing i bought for a dollar.
and this is a hello kitty ramen flag i also bought for a dollar and a kamen rider kiva toy i bought for 10 dollars. but its awesome! how could i not buy it. its like kamen rider but a vampire. you know, for the kids.

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  1. I still want a picture of a weird vending machine.